Betting Information
Put the odds in your favour!

The following information about betting and getting an edge has been learned by the Expertform team through years of experience, research and bad experiences. It may be common knowledge to some of you but might also help you get the edge we are all looking for when placing a bet.


Punters should always consider using a staking plan.
Haphazard betting can only lead to tears despite betting off a good strike rate (strike rate is the percentage of winning bets to total bets placed)
Staking plans control the betting and help lead the punter into profit.
The perfect staking plan is to bet to win a fixed amount per bet (say $10) and also recover losses.
Simply, this means at the end of the year, if you have had 500 bets, and the final bet wins, your bank balance should be $5000.
However, this only will work off a high strike rate system. A punter with a string of five losses is trying to win $60 (6 x $10) on the sixth bet, plus all lost outlays, then the bet could be chasing in excess of $100. If it is an even money chance then the outlay is $100 - a loss and you are chasing $210.
In other words, you need a substantial bank to support this system. The rule of thumb with some pro punters is that a bank of $5000 is required to support each $1 chased.


The best way to ensure you get the most value when you find a winner is to have an account that offers the best odds.
We believe Sportsbet's City Best is the premium product in this area. City Best offers the best of the three main totes or the starting price at the time of jump. It's essentially best the price available so when you find the winner, you ensure you take full advantage of the rewards.
City Best is an internet product that Sportsbet offer, however the do offer a vast variety of other products.
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The advantage of betting early is the availability of the BEST FLUCTUATION (Top Fluc) product.
Most corporate bookmakers offer this product, but punters need to bet early to get this service.
Top Fluc is simply the best price that is bet through bookmakers, i.e. opening price $5, drifts to $7 mid betting, then firms into $4.50. The Top Fluc for the punters is $7.
Obviously, punters who bet within 30 minutes of the start of the race cannot take advantage of this product as they already know the betting fluctuations. You can also be caught out if a horse opens short is well supported and never really gets out in betting, eg. opens at $2.00 and is backed into $1.80. The Top Fluc is $2.00
Still, top fluc can be an extremely valuable betting product.


The best guide to following betting fluctuations is through the corporate betting sites like Sportsbet that reflects the true money movements.
Tote fluctuations can be misleading. The opening price comes off a small pool and doesn't reflect the true price value of the horses.
It is common to see a horse firm on the "tote" $11 into $5.50, but does this mean he has been heavily backed by people "in the know"?
A check on bookmaker prices, the "real" price bet with bookmakers show a price drift from $4.50 to $6.00.
So in other words, the so called heavily backed firmer, is in fact only levelling to the a similar value offered with bookmakers - and could easily be, and often is, an unwanted horse in betting where the serious money goes on.
This doesn't mean that all tote fluctuations are misleading, but punters should be very wary of taking them as "gospel".


This is a form of wagering that has lost some favour since bookmakers have introduced "best fluctuation" betting.
SP is the starting price of a horse with the bookmakers and it is a redundant bet if you are can get Best Fluc.
However, if Best Fluc is not available - due to the fact it is within 30 minutes of the start - then SP provides an alternative to risking variable tote prices.

The alternative to this, of course, is to bet fixed odds so that you know exactly waht price you are getting. Although you ma miss a better fluctuation you can be confident that your price is concrete. This is handy information when using a staking plan as you can bet to win your desired amnount.